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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Who Can Afford a 5-Star Mayfair London Hotel? You Can!

There's a wonderful Supersaver offer available these days which allows one to stay in a 5-star Mayfair London hotel starting at around GBP 99.00. This kind of annoys me considering the money I have spent in these hotels over the years! The last time I was there, I paid over $500/night! If only I had known then what I know now!

These hotels are the real deal. What's the catch? It's not a catch really - you just don't know which hotel it is until you book it. However, the promoters of this "mystery hotel" guarantee that they'll put you in one of the "best selling 5 star hotels in the heart of Mayfair."

So what are the 5-star hotels in Mayfair? There are 11 from which the "mystery hotel" will be chosen. They are: Westbury Hotel, Sheraton Park Lane, The May Fair, London Marriott Park Lane, Grosvenor House, InterContinental London, The Metropolitan, Athenaeum, Brown's, Claridge's, The Connaught, and the Athenaeum Apartments.

All of these hotels in Mayfair are true gems but my favorite is Claridge's. There's nothing like being served tea there on a cold winter's day. It's just heaven. The hotel is one of the truly splendid examples of Art Deco style. It is also home to the famous Gordon Ramsay's where I had the best meal I have ever eaten. Don't be surprised to see some stars stop by. The last time I was there, Tom Hanks came in. Very cool he was too!

The Athenaeum is absolutely beautiful. Grosvenor House is a wonderful example of old world charm and extravagance. The Metropolitan is sleek and sophisticated. Brown's is comfy and cozy and what a great location. It's right across the street from Sotheby's and the shopping arcade on Piccadilly. You can hop across the street for tea at the Ritz or stroll down St. James' to one of the fantastic restaurants such as The Avenue.

Regardless of which hotel is actually chosen for you, they are all close to absolutely everything -- the theater, the restaurants, shopping, tube stops, site seeing, art galleries, the opera and more. You cannot help but have a wonderful time and you can do it without losing your shirt! By the way, you can also save in the same way by choosing a four-star or even a three-star. Whatever your budget, this is like getting an instant upgrade. Who knew!

Catherine Mitschele lived in London for 7 years and traveled extensively throughout England and Europe. She uses her inside knowledge from friends in the senior positions in the travel industry combined with her personal experiences to weave a different type of travel log.

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