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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Feel The British Legacy In 5 Star Hotels London

Hotel culture was developed approximately in 1830s in London. Perhaps, it was the beginning of the modern hotel culture and the credit goes to London railways. There are various categories of hotels like hotel, country house hotel, small hotel, town house hotel and metro hotel.

Simply 'hotel' tells about a formal accommodation arrangement. 'Country house hotel' refers to an accommodation which provides good grounds or gardens facilities. In other words, one can say that country house hotels emphasis up on peace and calmness. 'Small hotel' category can offer maximum 20 bedrooms. 'Town house hotels' are known for exclusive style and it can offer maximum 50 bedrooms. Although it may not offer dinner facility but room service may be available here. 'Metro hotels' provide full hotel services but again dinner facility is not available here.

Star ratings of hotels tell about the quality of hotels and guest accommodation. So, 5 star hotels London are equipped with the finest luxurious accommodation. Professionally trend staff members greet each and every guest at the entrance of the hotel. Multilingual services, high quality menu and premium wine list are always available here. These hotels easily understand the need of guest. They offer en suite bedrooms with excellent quality beds and furnishing. Even food quality is excellent here.

5 star hotels London are the most expensive hotels in the world. Sometimes, it seems that the tag expensive is depleting its reputation. But, 5 star hotels are also very much conscious and hence one can get special discount in these hotels. These discounts may be for senior citizens and honeymoon couple. Visitors also may get such discount on the auspicious occasions like Christmas and New Year.

Mayfair, South Kensington, knightsbridge, St. James's, etc are the name of the centre where one can get 5 star hotels. Mostly 5 star hotels are located in central London. It is obvious to understand because many headquarters are situated in central London and according to new trend 5 star hotels are favorite destination for business meeting and discussion. These hotels provide them excellent conferencing room, presentation materials, internet facilities and many more.

5 star hotels are witnesses of British royalty and supremacy. If, you stay in these hotels then you can experience the great legacy of London which gives you the feel of being a king. The best thing with these hotels is lying in their perpetual greatness which still exists without being influenced with modern science and technology. It would be definitely a tough challenge for all hotels to maintain such greatness.

Year 2012 will be definitely a new challenge for these hotels as the government is determined to lower down the hotel price and to make London accessible for all income groups. Now, it would be interesting to check that how these hotels are maintaining the legacy even on cheap price. Let's hope the success for these hotels even in low price mission and let the world see the true picture of great London.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Nancy_E_Eben

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